{Fun} Favorites


Welcome to My Recommendation Section! These are some of favorite things that I want to share with you. I’ll be updating it monthly so come back to see what’s new every month!

Grubbwear: Carlton has her own business selling distressed shirts, towels, sheets, and more. I have two shirts and I wear them all the time. She’s in a bunch of stores like Ibiza in Albany, so go get you one!

She Reads Truth Romans Study: I am a huge fan of the work that She Reads Truth is doing with simple Bible reading plans and a short devotional. They are in the middle of their summer study which is Romans. It’s been so good and God is really using it in my life.

Karen Kingsbury’s Love Story: I mentioned this one in the post on Friday but it’s a great intro into the Baxter family (or the never ending series as I affectionally call it) and Karen Kingsbury in general. If you haven’t read any of her books, you’re missing out.

Young Living Essential Oils: I bought a starter kit back in March and I am hooked. I love the diffuser and my favorite combo right now is Lime and Grapefruit. I’ve been putting them in my water and it’s a great pick me up, my favorite is orange or lemon. I’m still figuring a lot of it out but it’s been fun so far. If you’re interested at all, don’t hestitate to ask me whatever questions you might have!

Pen and Paint Cards: One of my favorite Etsy shops is Pen and Paint, she has the cutest stuff. I love her prints but my favorite are the cards, I always have some in stock. Lindsay is from Albany and I love supporting local people. Like I mentioned in the gallery wall post, I have a whole collage of her stuff so make sure you check her out.

I’ll be back with more favorites in August!


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