{Fun} Favorites


Welcome to My Recommendation Section! These are some of favorite things that I want to share with you. I’ll be updating it monthly so come back to see what’s new every month!

Jenny L. Cote‘s The Voice, the Revoluation, and the KeyI have been a fan of Jenny’s for a while and I even got to talk to her about writing. She writes historical fiction for kids through the eyes of animals. This is the first one that is not Biblical fiction and the first of three on the American Revolution, which this Hamilton-loving girl is very excited about.

The Road Back to You: I listened to the podcast and devoured the book. I have loved learning about the enneagram and it has taught me a lot about myself.

BoGo Bras: Emily is doing great work with helping people trapped in Human Trafficking. Her bras are awesome and cute, so get you one or at least donate your gently used bra.

Worth More Ministries: If you’re not following them on Instagram, you’re missing out. They are doing great things and are such an encouragement to me.

Fall TV: It’s finally September which means that all the shows are coming back and I could not be more excited. I love TV, I watch SO MANY shows, and I’m so ready for them to back on. If you’re curious when things premiere, here’s a list from EW that’s super helpful.

I’ll be back with more favorites in October!



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