My Year of Brave

My life has been a little topsy-turvy lately and while I'm not fully ready to talk about everything on the internet for the world to know, I am ready to talk about what God has been doing in my life. When I was home in Mid-April, I decided to stop living in fear and start … Continue reading My Year of Brave


27 Characters I Love

It's my birthday so I'm back! Happy Birthday to me! I decided to go with characters that I love for my birthday because as a fiction writer, characters are so important to me. I have connected with a lot of them over the years and they have all influenced me in some way. I picked … Continue reading 27 Characters I Love

Oxford Adventures 2016: Oxford

Our first day in Oxford included a walking tour with Yarnell and got to explore the city a little bit. I enjoying getting to see the sights of beautiful Oxford and learn more about it's history. The pictures include: Christ Church College (Home to the Great Hall from Harry Potter), the Divinity School, and the … Continue reading Oxford Adventures 2016: Oxford