Roses Update

The number one goal in life to publish a book and I am SO close to accomplishing that goal. I'm hoping to have a book in your hands sometime this fall!!! Things are getting REAL! I booked a photo shoot for the cover and found someone who agreed to be on the cover. I'm currently … Continue reading Roses Update

29 Gymnastics Routines

Welp, this post made a lot more sense when the Olympics was actually going to happen this summer but it's what I had planned and next year I turn 30 so I didn't want to do it then. Today is 29th birthday and I'm back with with my annual birthday post. (Side note: I will … Continue reading 29 Gymnastics Routines

“God doesn’t just provide, He provides the Best.”

I'm not even really sure where I should start this story. Always a good sign, right? I guess I'll just start at the beginning. Fair warning: this is a long one so grab you something to drink and enjoy. I graduated from Seminary in December of 2016 and decided to stay in NC for a … Continue reading “God doesn’t just provide, He provides the Best.”