{Fun} October Favorites


These are some of my favorite things right now and you’ll be able to find them all month long on the Fun Page! I’ll be doing a monthly post and changing them up so I wanted them all to be on the blog for you to find easier.

The Next Right Thing Podcast: I have loved listening to Emily P. Freedman’s Podcast. It has been good for my soul on Tuesdays. My favorite episode so far is Episode 7: Faithful, Fame, and the Gift of Obscurity.

BoGo Bras Blog: I’m interning for BoGo working on their blog and have written two posts so far on The New Activist and Ashton Kutcher. Make you’re following BoGo on Instagram or like them on Facebook so you don’t miss out on a post.

She Reads Truth Women in the Word: I’m teaching to middle school years on Wednesdays nights and it has been so encouraging. We are halfway through the Old Testament women and I’m excited to get to the New Testament soon.

Dancing with the Stars: My best friend and I are really into this show, we watch together every week and text back and forth. The season is off to a great start. GO LINDSAY AND JORDAN!

TGIF on Hulu: Full House is on Hulu along with the rest of the TGIF line-up and I am a happy camper. I’m currently watching Full House and I can’t wait to start Boy Meets World.

I’ll be back in November with more favorites!


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