Coming in November: ROSES

Debut Novel from Ruth Anne Crews

Rett Johnson is the man with a plan. Twelve bouquets of twelve roses with an engagement ring on the twelfth rose of the twelfth bouquet. There’s just one problem—he’s never met the right girl. Until Kate Adams from Albany, Georgia ends up in the group of freshmen he’s leading for their first weekend at Schaeffer University. Could she possibly be the girl he’s been waiting on?

Kate Adams never expected to be the girl with the new boyfriend her first month of college. But when the most gorgeous guy on campus asks her to get coffee she says yes. Kate finds herself falling for Rett and when the roses start showing up, she just rolls with it—like she does with everything else in her life. When she discovers that Rett has a mysterious past, she starts to worry. Can she learn to lean into the hard things—even if it might end her relationship?