28 Things Make Me–well, Me

It’s my Birthday and I haven’t gotten in the habit of doing a birthday post so here we are. I can’t promise I’ll be back anytime soon…mainly because I’m in the middle of a major overhaul of my novel and I gave myself of August 1 to get done that has to take priority if I ever want to it published. 

Any way…Today is my 28th Birthday–my golden birthday and I wanted to talk about something that I’m passionate about: 

The fact that God created us with different gifts and purposes because we each have a unique role to fill in the world. 

So, here are 28 things that me unique and well, me.

  1. My Faith: My faith in Jesus Christ is defining a factor in my life, it is a huge of who I am and why I do what I do.
  2. Middle School Girls: My heart. I have the incredible privilege of getting to work with middle school girls and teach about God’s love every week.
  3. Writing Fiction: I’m always writing something. I’m currently working on my fourth draft of my novel that I’m hoping get published sooner rather than later.
  4. Supporting my Friends: One of the most important things in my life is supporting the people in my life who some awesome things. I will read the book, buy the product, and champion the heck out of them because that’s what friends do.
  5. Enneagram (Proud 2 Here): I have fallen in love with Enneagram. It has helped me understand myself and the people in my life.
  6. Adventuring: I am always down for exploring new places with friends.
  7. Podcasts: The Popcast. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs. The Next Right Thing with Emily P. Freeman. Just to name a few of favorites.
  8. She Reads Truth: I have so much love and respect for the ladies at She Reads Truth and the work they are doing to get women reading their bibles. They have been a big part of my walk the last few years.
  9. Samford: My Alma Mater. Need I say more?
  10. Step Sing: 10 years and counting. Favorite Samford Tradition. Hands Down.
  11. May Designs: I love notebooks of any kind but my favorites are May Designs. I love that I customize them and make them how I want them.
  12. Dancing with the Stars: Y’all. Bethany and I do predictions for DWTS every season. I love it so much.
  13. Water Aerobics: My exercise of choice because I get to be in the pool and it’s not as easy to see what other people are doing.
  14. Gymnastics: I have an extreme love of gymnastics, especially elite gymnastics. I follow it very closely and have dreams of going to the All Around Finals at the Olympics some day.
  15. Graphic Design: I am a self taught graphic designer and it something that has become a big part of my job. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  16. TV: I’m a huge TV fan. I love the long-form nature of TV. I understand how seasons are built and why thing function the way they do when comes to TV world. I love a good drama that I really sink my teeth into with character I can root for.
  17. Superheroes: My love for Superheroes knows no bounds. Especially with the DCTV Shows on the CW.
  18. Instagram: My favorite social media platform.
  19. Snail Mail: I love getting letters and writing letters. Who doesn’t love mail?
  20. Sunsets: I love a good sunset or my favorite way to say it: “Sunsets are my love language.”
  21. Karen Kingsbury Books: It’s not a list about me without my favorite author on it.
  22. Biographies: I like to read but my favorites are biographies–especially celebrity and sports autobiographies.
  23. Harry Potter: Thank you Jackie for putting the first book in my hand freshmen year. My love as only grown over the years.
  24. Playlists: I love a good playlist and a few years ago I started a tradition of building a playlist throughout the year with songs that meant something to me.
  25. IMDb: I am so quick to look up someone when I know I have seen them in something but can’t place them or to look a song from an episode of whatever I’m watching.
  26. Movie Soundtracks: I’ve never been one for classical music but there are times when I need instrumental music and soundtracks have become my to-go.
  27. Going to the Movies by Myself: I have learned that going to the movies by myself is no big deal. Especially if I don’t want to wait to see the movie.
  28. DCTV Stars: Stephen Amell. Grant Gustin. Melissa Benoist. Emily Bett Rickards. I love following my favorite TV Stars on social media.

Here are some pictures from Birthday Trip to Knoxville at the beginning of the months with some great friends!

What are some things that make you, you?

I’m going to enjoy hanging out with friends, rewatching Superhero shows, making my summer reading list, and working on Roses on this Golden Birthday!

Until Next Time!

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