A Little Reminiscing

I think I’m still in denial about the fact that I start SENIOR year of college tomorrow morning. I’m trying to figure out where in the world the time as gone because I’m sure that I’m only supposed to be freshmen who just moved into Vail, not senior living in an apartment.

The time as flown by but I would not change it for the world, Samford is the perfect place for me. I have so many incredible friends and so many great memories at the place that has become my second home.

My Samford journey began when I was in 8th grade and my mom took me and some friends to a Girls of Grace conference in Birmingham and I told my mom I wanted to go to college there. Somehow Samford ended up on my radar and at time I wanted to be teacher and Samford has an awesome Education School. But when I got into writing and decided I wanted to major in Journalism, Samford was the ONLY school that stayed on my list.

We came to visit when I was a junior and I fell in love with the beautiful campus and just felt at home. Senior year of high school started and visited some more schools and there was one that I liked almost as much as Samford. I began to wonder if Samford was really where I was supposed to be but after lots of prayer, I knew it was where God wanted me.

I sent my deposit in the first of the year and it was official, I was going to be Samford Bulldog. The school I been dreaming about since 8th grade. I can’t believe that was almost four years ago.

I will never forget pulling up on campus for Move-In Day, Freshmen year and screaming because I was so excited. I never dreamed the friends I would make and the special place Samford would hold in my heart.

I can’t believe I only have two more semesters left. I can’t wait to see the things God has in store for this special year. So, I’m going to bed because I have class in the morning. The first classes of SENIOR YEAR. WAIT…WHAT?!?!?!


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