My September 11th.

For most Americans today is the day that the World Trade Center was ran into with two planes, it is the day that everyone remembers like the attack on Pearl Harbor. I was 5th grade at Sherwood Christian Academy and no idea what was going on until I got to dance class that afternoon and they started talking about it. I didn’t even know what the Twin Towers were until they were gone. No one told us about it because we were too young and I definitely didn’t get to watch it. I remember that everyone in my class was upset because we all thought we were old enough to know about it but the school did not.

But 9/11 has a double meaning for me. You see, when I was junior in high school. I was sitting at a volleyball game as friend got some news that rocked her world forever. Her dad was dead. It shook the lives of everyone who knew him and their family.

So, even though today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11. It’s been 4 years since he died and my heart is aching for that family. So as you pray for America today, do me a favor and pray for my friend and her family too. May we never forget but may we always remember that life is short, sometimes too short.


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