16 Days.

I have 16 days left at this beautiful, wonderful place that taught me so much, helped me grow, and brought so many wonderful friends into over the last four years. I’m still in shock and maybe some denial at that number.

16. Just over two weeks.

Where the time gone? I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be finishing freshmen year not graduating from college and going to all my friends’ weddings. I can’t believe it.

Samford is one incredible place and I know there is no other place I could have spent the last four years. I have truly made some lifelong friends and had some incredible people and organizations have made their mark on life. I can’t wait to see what all people do and I know that one day I’ll be proud to say I went to college with them.

Graduation is 16 days away. WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!!! I guess I better get back to soaking up every second with the community I’ve made here.


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