{101 in 1001} What I’ve Been Reading

My best friend Jackie is really good about posting about the books she’s reading and I wanted to share I’ve been reading since #5 on my list is read 101 books and I’ve now seven books plus the Harry Potter series.


1. When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

This book was one that been on my list for a while and when I got to choose my book for Missions classes it was obvious choice. I was so glad when it got approved and I enjoyed it and learned a lot. It is a book about how to help poverty-stricken people without making their situation worst. It is very practical with great lessons, you have interest in missions or deal with the poverty-stricken, this book is a great one for you.

2. The Roman, The Twelve, and The King by Jenny L. Cote

I started reading Jenny Cote’s series over Christmas and was able to talk to her about my writing. I fell in love with Max, Liz, and the rest of the gang and had to keep reading. Jenny writes Biblical fiction that really brings the Bible to life and is written with the main characters being animals…dogs, cats, and even a mouse. The Roman, the Twelve, and the King is the fourth book in the series and focuses on Jesus’s Ministry and death with through Max, Liz, Al, Kate, and Nigel helping Handel compose “The Messiah”.

3. The Pathway to God’s Presence by Tom Elliff

Tom Elliff is the President of the IMB and has spoken at Sherwood many times and has become someone that I realize how blessed I have been to sit under so when his new book came out, it immediately went on my list. I was so excited when it showed it package from my mom with me asking for it. It is an incredible little book packed with truth about drawing near to God by looking at the life of Moses and how he lived in God’s presence continually.

4. The Wind, The Road, and The Way by Jenny L. Cote

This is the fifth book by Jenny Cote and it came out in February. It is the beginning of the Acts and Epistles with a lot of emphasis on Paul. Honestly, I learned a lot about how the New Testament was written. I love to see how Jenny interweaves truth and fiction and how she takes creative license but still presents the truth of scripture.

5. Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

This is another one from my mom and I was super excited about starting it. I’m almost 23 and as single as they come but praying for the man I will marry someday is important to me. This book is a great tool because the authors tell their stories, give specific things to pray for, girls who have prayed for their future husbands share stories, prayers to pray for both you and for him, and it ends with 52 verses. It was great read and I loved the chapters on Strength, Intimacy, and Contentment.

6. Renegade by L.A. Wilcox

So, in my blog surfing, I stumbled across As Told By Laura and fell in love with her blog. I quickly discovered she was a writer and she had just written and self-published her first novel so I added to my list. As writer who is trying to decide what to do about publishing, I was interested in talking to her and we started an email correspondence and I gained major respect for her. I wanted to read it but I decided to wait until after finals but I started it at work one night and got sucked it. It is the story of a time traveler who breaks all of the rules and what he does to try and fix it. I loved the character of Andrew and enjoyed her writing style. I would highly suggest it, plus it’s only $3.99 for your kindle.

7. Distortion by Terri Blackstock

I have nine hour drive and one of the things that helps is listening to books on tape and one of the ones I picked up was Terri Blackstock book because she’s one of my favorites. I realized that it was part of a series, only to find out it was the first one in the series. Distortion is the second book in the Moonlighter Series that centers around one family. If you’re not familiar with Terri Blackstock, she’s Christian mystery/suspense author who always keeps you guessing. This book was no exception and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

I have also finished re-reading The Harry Potter series and it was even better the second time because I was able to savor the details. I was truly surprised at how much changed from the books to the movies. My favorite character is Ginny Weasley because how awesome she is and none of that translates to the big screen but I still love HP and can’t wait to go to Harry Potter world with Lacy!

So, what have you been reading lately? Do you have any book suggestions for me?



5 thoughts on “{101 in 1001} What I’ve Been Reading

  1. Laura W says:

    Such a sweet write-up! I am so glad we’ve been able to chat about writing and publishing. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s nice to have someone who actually enjoys this kind of stuff. I really appreciate the shout-out, and I will be eagerly awaiting the day when I can return the favor!


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