Ramblings From a Samford Graduate

This is a random rambling of Samford grad is missing Step Sing Season:

If you’ve been following me for any decent amount of time, you’ve probably seen a post where I talk about Step Sing or two or ten (Okay, I don’t think there are really that many, but you get the point). Here’s the deal, the best of my Samford memories? They all revolve around Step Sing, many of the friendships that are so dear to me started on or were strengthened by a Step Sing grid.

Okay…for those you that have no idea what I’m talking about or need a little bit of a refresher. The first three weeks of spring semester Samford is overtaken by a huge singing and dancing competition. You are in a show with 69 other people where you sing, dance, make formations, and have over dramatic facials. Really and truly, the only way to fully understand Step Sing is to see it. So, here is Dudes-A-Plenty (DAP) and their Monsters show from 2007 which always at the top of my list for Step Sing shows people need to watch.

Now that you’ve watched a show, I hope you can appreciate it more. My favorite time of year is Step Sing and this is first time in 6 years that I will not be there and it’s killing me. I’m super Samford sick and a little homesick which is really fun (Basically, I just want the Step Sing information I can get). I want to see banners and try to figure out theme and I do not like the fact that I’ve only seen 3 and it’s Tuesday, banner drop was Sunday. I got this way last year but I was going to Step Sing so it wasn’t an issue but this year…at least I’ll get to watch the live stream.

So, what are my Valentine’s Day plans? I’ll be on my bed with a blanket, diet coke, and popcorn with Step Sing. It doesn’t get much more romantic that around here, folks.

Okay, random Samford rambling over. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be watching Step Sing videos. And here’s one more for ya, University Ministries presents A Night to Remember (and yes, I am in this one)



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