{Day 380 Update} 101 in 1001


 March 4, 2014 – November 29, 2016

Completed Challenges:

1. Come up with 101 things (March 4, 2014)

3. Finish the 3rd draft of my novel (August 2014)

12. Get plugged into a church (Bay Leaf Baptist Church, March/April 2014)

16. Re-read Harry Potter (May 2014)

17. Finish decorating our apartment (April 2014)

19. Inspire someone to come up with their list (Mary Beth-March 2014, Katelynn-March 2014)

22. Develop a Sabbath routine (January 2015)

23. Go to Harry Potter World with Lacy (December 2014/January 2015)

27. Get a job (Young’s Gym, March 24, 2014)

29. Do a Bible Study with my friends (March 2015, Breaking Free by Beth Moore)

30. Lead a small group for Middle School girls (September 2014, started teaching 6th grade girls Sunday School)

32. Finish scrapbooking my Europe trip (April 2014)

40. Go a concert (or 2) (Sara Bareilles, July 2014)

44. Get a new camera (May 2014)

49. Blog my story  (June 2014, read the post here or here)

50. Go to Georgia Football Game (November 2014, UGA vs. Charleston Southern)

52. Grow my hair back out (July 2014)

64. Update my address book (March 2014)

70. Start a Southeastern Update and send it out every Monday  (March 2014)

74. Go to Wilmington and find all the One Tree Hill spots (June 2014)

75. Buy (or be gifted) 5 new monogrammed items (5/5, an HP monogram for my laptop from Lacy, a may book from Mary Beth, my monogram necklace from Mimi, my awesome monogrammed carrier from Mrs. Natalie, a monogrammed lunchbox from my mom) (July 2014)

77. Improve my Spanish (November 2014)

79. Meet someone that inspires me (Laura (LA) Wilcox, September 2014)

82. Get involved in (in)courage  (June 2014)

83. Follow 15 new blogs (March/April 2014)

85. Watch a documentary (or 2) (20 Feet From Stardom, March 2015)

88. Spend a day on the beach with a book (June 2014)

89. Make my bed everyday for a month (March 2014)

96. Send 4 friends a “happy” (Samantha-Scandal package, Bethany-break up survival kit, Mary Beth-Tim Riggins shirt, and Lacy-Road Trip kit) (July 2014)

97. Have a picnic (April 2014)

98. Try 10 new restaurants (July 2014)


Challenges I’m actively working on/Know when they will be done:

2. Read all the way through the Bible (Started January 1, 2015)

4. Blog at least once a week for 6 months (4/6)

5. Read 101 new books (38/101, here is my 101 in 1001 shelf on goodreads, if you’re interested in what I’m reading)

6. Write 100 hand-written notes (80/100, If you would like a note, enter your address in my online address book here, it’s private I’m the only one that’s going to see it)

7. Be almost done with my MDiv (Expected Graduation Date December 2016)

18. Lose 50lbs

20. Unplug for 24 hours once a month

26. Cook dinner regularly

28. Intern at a church (Bay Leaf, August 2015)

34. Try 30 new recipes (10/30)

36. Set up a budget and stick to it

38. Complete my 642 Things to Write About Book (10/642)

39. Memorize 33 Scripture Verses (4/33)

41. Learn to crochet

43. Seriously work on getting my novel published

46. Visit the West Coast (Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later now that one of my dear friends lives in Seattle)

51. Host 2 showers for friends getting married/having babies (1/2)

55. Finish my prayer journal(March 2014) and complete the next one

60. Visit Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Going March 30th)

63. Take more pictures

73. Use my crockpot every other week

81. Attend a Living Proof Live (Hopefully, I will be going to Greenville this summer!)

91. Do something special when my girls graduate from high school

100. Save $10 for every goal I complete (25/101)


I’m really good about keeping the page updated so make sure you check it out!



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