What I’m Listening to

I love music and I’m one of those who has to have noise so I’m always listening to something whether it’s Netflix, Podcasts, or Music. Last summer, I made a playlist for a summer soundtrack. This year, I decided to make a 2017 playlist and just add to it all year long. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

I have discovered books, shows, other podcasts, and music through podcasts and they have become some of my favorites. One of those discoveries was Grayson|Reed and I have fallen in love with their music. Their song Bloom has spoken straight into my heart and every time I listen, I’m encouraged to keep going. This video is the lyrics so take a couple minutes, listen, and pay attention to the words.

I am becoming more and more of fan of Ellie Holcomb, her album Red Sea Road has become the soundtrack for my devotional times. I love whole album but the one that sticks out the most right now is Wonderfully Made which is literally just Psalm 139 but it has become such a comfort for me lately. Here is the lyric video for it:

I’m also a huge country music fan so a lot of the songs on my 2017 are country here are two of my favorites.

Brett Eldridge’s Somethin’ I’m Good At which I dare you to try and get through without cracking a smile, I really don’t think you can do it.

Walker Hayes’ You Broke Up with Me, I can’t help but dance everytime this song comes on. It’s so fun to jam to.

There are a lot more songs on the playlist but these are in my top for this year so far.

Check out my Adventures of 2017 Playlist on Apple Music!

What are you listening to? What should I add to my list?



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