Oxford Adventures 2016: London

A year ago, I was walking around Oxford, England with new friends, eating in the Eagle and the Child where the inklings met, and going to lectures. But before I can get to all of that, I have to tell you about the first few days of the trip.

Because it was trip with SEBTS, we flew out together and meant finding people at the airport. Let’s remember that I didn’t know anyone going on this trip and I really had no idea who I was supposed to be looking for but seminary boys just have this look so they were actually pretty easy to find.

After getting on the plane from 1970 with the ash trays welted shut and two-feet deep overhead televisions and sitting on the tarmac for over an hour because of a thunderstorm, we finally flew out to London. The group from Southwestern and Midwestern arrived and we began our adventure.


Our very first stop was St. Paul’s Cathedral where we climbed the dome, all severely jet-lagged. Needless to say, we were all sore and didn’t even want to look at steps for the next 3 days. We got to see some neat places before getting settled in our first place. I was dealing with my normal travel nausea so I didn’t go dinner and surprised myself when I managed to sleep through the night and not deal with jet-lag, for which I was so thankful.


Our first full day was a Spurgeon day. We went to beautiful Spurgeon’s College (pictured above) which was designed for training pastors. We got to learn about Spurgeon’s Life from some of the foremost scholars on Spurgeon. Going to Metropolian Tabernacle was definite highlight for me. I had dinner an indian restuarant with a group of people which was my first time and it was fun experience.


The next morning, we packed up and left our spot in London, headed toward Oxford. We stopped in Colchester which the oldest city in England. We got to see the church where Spurgeon got saved and the congregation there was extremely kind and welcoming with tea and homemade scones among the goodies they had for us. We got explore a Norman castle with was really cool it has been a lot of different things from a Roman Temple to the Castle Museum that it is today.


After a long day, we pulled up in Oxford and got settled in our dorm rooms in Regent’s Park College at Oxford. This is the sunset my first night in Oxford outside my dorm room window.

I’ll  be back with more Oxford Adventures on Tuesday!



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