Christmas Monday

Christmas is just around the corner and I can’t wait for the semester to be over so I celebrate it. I’m so excited about Christmas and I wanted to do something special for Christmas on the blog. So, Here’s how these posts are going to go:

Christmas Memory: When I was little, my mom and her friend, Sonja would have a Christmas party for all six of the kids and some friends. We would make cookies and do crafts, one year we even put on a Christmas play. We always had a blast and I think we did every year until they moved away.

Christmas Tradition: We have a Christmas Village that gets put up every year and it was is something that my dad and I always do together. He bought my mom new piece for years and when I was old enough, I would go with him. We love putting it up and making sure that it perfect.

Christmas Song: 

No one can sing this song like Annie Moses Band!

Christmas Movie:


One of my favorite Christmas Movies. Gotta love the Grinch and Cindy Lou.

Christmas Wish: One of the big things on my Christmas list is a Crockpot. I know, I feel like such an adult but I really want one so I make all soup, chili, and crazy recipes to be found on Pinterest 🙂

Christmas Photo:

Here's Dad and I putting up the Village a few years ago.

Here’s Dad and I putting up the Village a few years ago.

Christmas Countdown: 22 Days 


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