Step Sing 2013

I know I’ve done several Step Sing posts but this will be the end of them because Step Sing is officially over. I can’t believe it. This year I got to go Prom with 69 of my best friends and I loved every second of it.

This is year UM did something new and did theme reveal before we went on Christmas break. At that party, the committee came out dressed in Biblical outfits and told us we were getting back to our roots and doing the Christmas story. It was so quiet in that room, you could hear a pin a drop. Sam and Sally were holding a sign that had the name of our show on it “A Night to Remember” and thankfully, about halfway through Carmen’s speech, Sam dropped her side of the banner so that you the letters PR and the tension started to release. The committee eventually asked us to go to Prom with them and after we got over the initial shock, we said yes and got excited about our theme.

I fell in love with our theme and show in no time after a few days of practice. My mom asked me early on if this show was my favorite and told her that it was still Harry Potter because because it was going to be so hard to beat that show.

There are some crazy things that happen during UM practice and we have some traditions. One of which is a DJ Roomba Rave and it was prom themed after the show. It was on Saturday night and each of the guys asked a girl to prom. Let me just tell you that we have some creative boys in our group. One of the freshmen, Nathan did a video that ended in real time and asked Jamie to prom, it was the best one of the day. One Direction was extremely dramatic and died for Lauren to go to the Prom with him. I got asked at Zaxby’s, it was nothing extreme but I still got asked (Sam, I loved going to prom with you and Camiella). Cole serenaded Carmen and Matt and Meredith beat-boxed. It was a fun day of practice and you never knew when someone was going to get asked.

One of my favorite nights was the Friday night when Enrique and Stephan showed up to get us warmed up. There is never a dull moment in UM. We started supporting our AWESOME prop girls by shouting “PROPS, PROPS, PROPS, PROPS, EVERYBODY”We watched pitch perfect and recreated the “Riff-off” during practice. There was share time about prom crashing and sentimental senior stories that left all the seniors in tears.

This week started with dress rehearsal Monday night and you have to do the show twice (BIG thanks to Allie for keeping it that way). I got off the Step Sing stage and knew that this show had done it, it had topped Harry Potter. Plus, I got to go Prom all week.

Tim and Carmen: Thank you for making senior year the best one.


Sam and Zach: Thanks for being the best choreographers

Matt Taylor: Thanks for being the best arranger, DJ, and everything else.


Sally, Jackie, Meredith, Jamie, Kaleb, Zach: Thanks for planning such an awesome show!

To the rest of UM: Thanks making senior Step Sing so awesome, it wouldn’t been the same without each and every one of you.

The four of us have been apart of UM Step Sing since Freshmen year!

The four of us have been apart of UM Step Sing since Freshmen year!

22 Seniors.

22 Seniors.

All 70 of us

All 70 of us

It was fun show week and loved getting to see everyone else’s shows. A big congratulations to IGnite who won all types of awards and got 2nd runner up, Dudes-A-Plenty on their 1st runner up and excellence in music awards, y’all deserved it, and Pi Kappa Phi on their excellence in choreography award and SWEEPSTAKES! Great job guys, y’all were awesome.

Bears and Brides. Bible Study Friends.

Bears and Brides. Bible Study Friends.

My farmer family.

My farmer family.

My Little Bride.

My Little Bride.

My favorite orphan. I'll adopt you.

My favorite orphan. I’ll adopt you.

A big thank you goes to the three awesome Step Sing directors: Haleigh, Allie, and Patrick who did a great job and to the rest of the Step Sing committee for all your hard work.

With the fabulous director herself.

With the fabulous director herself.

Now the question is: Who’s buying my tickets for next year? 🙂

And before I go:

Enjoy our Saturday Night performance:


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