101 in 1001

So, I changed things up a bit yesterday and I’ve been working on something special for my comeback. Lately, my friend, Rachel has inspired me with her blog posts, whether it was her 10 facts + 10 favorites or 101 in 1001. When her 101 in 1001 landed in my inbox this morning, I knew that was I needed to do. So, I’ve spent today working on the blog and making my list (I’m on Spring Break). I skimmed a lot of lists thanks to this list and came up with my own. So here we go,


March 4, 2014 – November 29, 2016

1. Come up with 101 things (March 4, 2014)

2. Read all the way through the Bible

3. Finish the 3rd draft of my novel

4. Blog at least once a week for 6 months

5. Read 101 new books

6. Write 100 hand-written notes (If you would like a note, enter your address in my address book here)

7. Be almost done with my MDiv

8. Visit 3 states I’ve never been too

9. Explore the Triangle

10. Visit to DC

11. Go on a road trip with my friends

12. Get plugged into a church

13. Do Love Story for a new group of girls

14. Pay for a stranger’s meal

15. Attend a Writer’s conference (Hopefully, the Blue Ridge one)

16. Re-read Harry Potter

17. Finish decorating our apartment

18. Lose 50lbs

19. Inspire someone to come up with their list

20. Unplug for 24 hours once a month

21. Observe silence 5 times

22. Develop a Sabbath routine

23. Go to Harry Potter World with Lacy

24. Celebrate Mary Beth’s Birthday (New Years) with her

25. Visit NYC

26. Cook dinner regularly

27. Get a job

28. Intern at a church

29. Do a Bible Study with my friends

30. Lead a small group for Middle School girls

31. Send care packages to my brothers

32. Finish scrapbooking my Europe trip

33. Scrapbook Melissa’s wedding

34. Try 30 new recipes

35. Run a Half Marathon

36. Set up a budget and stick to it

37. Find a reason to get dressed up or create one

38. Complete my 642 Things to Write About Book

39. Memorize 33 Scripture Verses

40. Go a concert (or 2)

41. Learn to crochet

42. Make a plan to return to South Africa

43. Seriously work on getting my novel published

44. Get a new Camera

45. Do a cover shoot for Roses with Samantha as my photographer

46. Visit the West Coast

47. Go on a Mission Trip (or at least know when I am going on one)

48. Stick to my workout routine for a year

49. Blog my story

50. Go to Georgia Football Game

51. Host 2 showers for friends getting married/having babies

52. Grow my hair back out

53. Go to a museum

54. Have a game night with my friends

55. Finish my prayer journal and complete the next one

56. Make a cake from scratch

57. Complete 5 Pinterest projects

58. Donate to Living Hope at least twice

59. Take a Ballroom Dancing class

60. Visit Tuscaloosa, Alabama

61. Go on a date

62. Go kayaking with John

63. Take more pictures

64. Update my address book

65. Spend a weekend with the important women in my life

66. Use My Fitness Pal everyday for a month

67. Go back to London

68. Find somewhere to volunteer

69. Get involved in Women’s Life

70. Start a Southeastern Update and send it out every Monday

71. Spend a weekend writing/editing

72. Participate in 100 Days of Happy

73. Use my crockpot every other week

74. Go to Wilmington and find all the One Tree Hill spots

75. Buy 5 new monogrammed items

76. Read every Jane Austin novel

77. Improve my Spanish

78. Spend a day at the Spa

79. Meet someone that inspires me

80. Go to Food Truck festival

81. Attend a Living Proof Live

82. Get involved in (in)courage

83. Follow 15 new blogs

84. Have a guest blogger

85. Watch a documentary (or 2)

86. Volunteer at ReFRESH in the Smokies

87. Plan a surprise for a friend

88. Spend a day on the beach with a book

89. Make my bed everyday for a month

90. Read Jesus Calling consistently and complete it in 365 days

91. Do something special when my girls graduate from high school

92. Be there for UM’s Tuesday night practice during Step Sing week

93. Leave 100% tip

94. Be awake for the sunrise everyday for a week

95. Go to bed before midnight daily for 2 weeks

96. Send 4 friends a “happy”

97. Have a picnic

98. Try 10 new restaurants

99. Do 5 things that are out of my comfort zone

100. Save $10 for every goal I complete

101. Actually complete this list

Here goes nothing!

I’d love to have you join or support in this journey and if you have any suggestions on ways to complete my goals, I’d love to hear them. I’ll try and keep you updated but you can also check the 101 in 1001 page, which I will keep up with, I hope.



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