My Week at Home

So, I didn’t get to  a post last week. I was at home and was a *little* busy, I had an Easter post planned…maybe next year. But I had a awesome week at home.

Friday night, I met my parents in Macon for John’s soccer game and rode home with my mom. We finally made it home about midnight.

2014-04-11 23.46.51

John and I when we finally made it home Friday!

Saturday, I went to family reunion for a few minutes and then took prom pictures for Joshua and Hannah. Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_8310 IMG_8289 IMG_8237


Sunday, I was able to go church, Sunday school, and Sunday night. It was good to be back.

Monday, Mom and I ran errands all day. We bought wedding gifts for everyone on our list, but one. I cooked dinner for Daddy and John. Stuffed Bell Peppers and spaghetti squash. Everyone loved the peppers, even John.

Tuesday, my next door neighbor came for coffee and we made these awesome egg muffins (recipe to come). We made lunch, pimento cheese and chicken salad, healthier versions with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. We took in the church to have lunch with Mrs. Beccy for her birthday and had a picnic indoors because it was raining but I still was able to check having a picnic off my list, inside counts!. After lunch, we scrapbooked with Mrs. Phyllis and worked on my Europe scrapbook. Mama and I cooked a pinterest dinner and it was huge success. John had another soccer game and Mama, Hannah, and I sat huddled together on the bleachers in freezing cold.

2014-04-15 18.28.46

Sweet Potato stuffed with Spinach, Hummus, and Feta. Blackened Chicken with an Avocado Cream Sauce over Quinoa

2014-04-15 12.45.01

Me with birthday girls

2014-04-15 12.41.02

All four of us

2014-04-15 12.01.30


2014-04-15 09.21.02

Egg Muffins

Wednesday, Mama and I had lunch with Mrs. Judy Nix and I went to dinner with Rachel and did some wedding stuff with her. It’s hard to believe that the next time I come home, she’ll be a bride.

2014-04-16 22.05.41

The Moon Wednesday night

Thursday, I went to lunch with Katie at the Cookie Shoppe where we sat and talked until three. It was good to catch up with her. I met Mimi at Hobby Lobby and bought an album for my Europe scrapbook and helped her pick out Easter cards. I went to Hannah’s soccer game, stopped by Bible Study dinner for a few minutes and got to play with T and see some friends before going to John’s game and getting to see him almost score a goal.

2014-04-19 15.49.50

Katie and I

2014-04-17 20.09.14

Volleyball Fun

2014-04-17 19.54.43

Playing with T

2014-04-17 20.00.27

Playing with T

2014-04-20 22.07.34

Europe Album

Friday, I had lunch with the Warbington’s at a new restaurant in Albany and enjoyed my time with them. We had friends over for dinner Friday night and had a blast.

Saturday, I went to Sarah and Steven’s wedding and it was beautiful. I also put the final touches on my Europe scrapbook so I was able to check that off my list.

2014-04-19 15.59.17

Sarah, the beautiful bride

Sunday, I went to church and my dad’s family came for Easter. I was very thankful to get to spend the night last night with Jackie’s parents.

It was a crazy week but a great one, I’m thankful I was able to be home for an entire week. Now, to finish up the semester, it’s coming to a fast close. I’ll be back next week hopefully with that egg muffin recipe!



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