{May Update} 101 in 1001


 March 4, 2014 – November 29, 2016

I’m doing this month’s update a little differently.

Completed Challenges:

1. Come up with 101 things (March 4, 2014)

12. Get plugged into a church (Bay Leaf Baptist Church, March/April 2014)

17. Finish decorating our apartment (April 2014)

19. Inspire someone to come up with their list (Mary Beth-March 2014, Katelynn-March 2014)

27. Get a job (Young’s Gym, March 24, 2014)

32. Finish scrapbooking my Europe trip (April 2014)

64. Update my address book (March 2014)

70. Start a Southeastern Update and send it out every Monday  (March 2014)

83. Follow 15 new blogs (15/15) (March/April 2014)

89. Make my bed everyday for a month (March 2014)

97. Have a picnic (April 2014)


Challenges I’m actively working on:

4. Blog at least once a week for 6 months (1/6)

5. Read 101 new books (3/101, here is my 101 in 1001 shelf on goodreads, if you’re interested in what I’m reading)

6. Write 100 hand-written notes (16/100, If you would like a note, enter your address in my online address book here, it’s private I’m the only one that’s going to see it)

16. Re-read Harry Potter (4/7)

18. Lose 50lbs

20. Unplug for 24 hours once a month

34. Try 30 new recipes (6/30)

39. Memorize 33 Scripture Verses (1/33)

41. Learn to crochet

55. Finish my prayer journal(March 2014) and complete the next one

72. Participate in 100 Days of Happy (Started March 27, 2014)

90. Read Jesus Calling consistently and complete it in 365 days (Started March 4, 2014)

100. Save $10 for every goal I complete (11/101)

Challenges I hope to complete in the month of May:

9. Explore the Triangle

14. Pay for a stranger’s meal

16. Re-read Harry Potter (4/7) {Well, as least Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince}

49. Blog my story

74. Go to Wilmington and find all the One Tree Hill spots

98. Try 10 new restaurants (6/10)

I’m really good about keeping the page updated so make sure you check it out!



3 thoughts on “{May Update} 101 in 1001

  1. Georgia says:

    Hey Baby I am so proud of your determination and consistency as you cross things off your list. Just wanted to remind you that I think you are one amazing young lady and thrilled God gave me you! Have a great day I love you so very much!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Wendy Wilson says:

    I need to start a list!! I LOVE the way you have things actually crossed off! Such a sense of accomplishment!

    Wendy Wilson


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