I know, I know

I disappeared for a while there. This summer got crazy with work, camp, and taking three classes. This semester got started and I just never got back around to blogging but I’m back now and I thought I’d use this fun list that I think I stole from Rachel to help catch you up on my life.

Cooking | healthy options 🙂

Drinking | Diet Coke and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. #whitegirlstatus

Reading | Anything and everything I can get my hands on, I’m currently working through The Giver Quarlet

Wanting | More cards from Pen and Paint

Playing | T-Swift’s Shake it Off, Maddie and Tae’s Girl in a Country Song, Sam Hunt’s House Party, Tegan and Sara’s Where Does the Good Go, and Matthew West’s Strong Enough

Wishing | I was going home sooner than November

Enjoying | Spending time with my friends

Waiting | For September 25th and the return of my TV shows.

Wondering | What The Lord is up to.

Loving | Teaching 6th grade girls Sunday school and getting more involved with the Bay Leaf youth group

Pondering | Forgiveness and Trusting in the Lord no matter what is going on.

Watching | Season 3 of New Girl so I can be caught for next week’s episode and waiting on Gilmore Girls to hit Netflix October 1.

Marveling | At God’s goodness and forgiveness

Buying | anything I can find on Etsy, of course my most recent purchases are a monogrammed water bottle and new monogrammed phone case (what can I say? I’m a southern girl)

Getting | Schoolwork done like a boss.

Bookmarking | The most recent posts to hit my bookmarks bar all have to with books that are either being made into movies or are coming out soon. I’m always working on my list and am totally up for suggestions.

Giggling | at TSwift’s video for “Shake It Off” so enjoy:

Feeling | Loved. Blessed. Thankful. A little Overwhelmed.

Tomorrow is the Community Brew Link-Up and I’ll be participating in that that again. Plus I’ve got a fun post coming next week that’s a little different from my norm. I’m still working on my 101 in 1001 and have kept the page up to date. I’ll do an update the first week in October. I’ll try not to disappear for months at time, but sometimes I just get caught up in life and school gets the better of me.

Until next time (AKA Tomorrow)



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