{Something A Little Different} #TGIT Excitement

***Just FYI…This post is unlike anything I’ve posted on here before but I’m excited about these shows starting Thursday and wanted to share this because it’s fun and what I’m into right now***

If you’ve been around me at all this summer you know that I’m very into Grey’s Anatomy (Well, all things Shonda Rhimes really) and am currently counting down the days until September 25th–that’s 3, in case you were wondering.


Well, let me tell you. September 25th is night that #TGIT begins. #TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) is what ABC has dubbed their Thursday night line-up that now consists of three, yes, three Shonda Shows and it warms this Drama Junkie’s Shonda-Loving heart.

At 8/7c will be Grey’s Anatomy which is starting it’s 11th season. I got my first taste of Grey’s last season after the season break and soon found it was on Netflix. I quickly fell in love with Meredith and Derek, starting calling my best friend my person, and our friend group now has a Meredith, Cristina, Lexie, Izzie, and Bailey.

We watched the Season 10 finale live but I cried like a baby rewatching it when I actually understood everything that happened with Mer and Cristina and Owen and Cristina. But I have read every single article that has come out about Season 11 and here’s what I know:

  • It’s a Meredith Season. {About Dang Time}
  • MerDer is not splitting and their issue gets resolved rather quickly. For the record, my prediction is that we’re going to get a couple episodes of them trying a commuter something before something happens to Meredith (not likely considering Mer has survived a drowning, a gunman, a plane crash, and a c-section in a power outage that led to having her spleen taken out), Derek (more likely with his gunshot and dealing with his hand after the plane crash) or one of their kids (most likely, because their kids important to both of them). {What you think?}
  • We’re going to get A LOT of Mer and Alex because Alex feels Cristina not only left him the seat on the board but Meredith as well and they are the last two standing from the original intern class. {I LOVE Meredith and Alex’s relationship and I’m excited to where it’s going to go this season}
  • Meredith has another sister. That was the shocking revelation that Maggie told Richard (who happens to be her father) at the end of season 10. Honestly, I was a little worried about this one because how in the world would a five year old Meredith not realize her mother pregnant but this is a storyline that they have been waiting to pull since season 4 so I’m not worried at all because if its been there that long, Shonda has it all worked out. Richard is not going to respond the way we want or expect and Meredith’s relationship with her will be filtered through everything that happened with Lexie. {Guessing it will be another season where I hate Richard. So Yeah.}
  • Jackson and April will have to grow up and quick with the new baby on the way. In other news, Sarah Drew is more pregnant than April so that will be interesting but no one has a baby in the first 9 episodes of the season. {Oh, Japril}
  • Callie and Arizona’s surrogate option isn’t going to be the answer and is just another band-aid in the relationship that is made of nothing but band-aids. {All I have to say is somebody whether it’s Japril or Calzona needs to have a boy named Mark, because I totally thought that’s what Bailey’s name was going to be}
  • Alex is getting the seat on the board and Bailey isn’t going to be happy about it. Not a surprise for the woman that missed out on everything to be upset that Cristina left him the seat especially when he’s not even working at the hospital right now. {Poor Bailey}
  • Amelia is a season regular and I’m super excited about it. I love Amy, what I’ve seen of her on Grey’s is awesome. Definitely my favorite of Derek’s sisters but I started Private Practice to do “character research” and I have fallen in love with her. {Here’s hoping she keeps her act together}
  • Also, there’s a rumor flying that Owen and Amelia are going to have a fling and that’s *not* okay because Owen and Amelia would *never* work. One of the articles I read said that Owen wasn’t going to be pushed into anything, he would be single and be put with women see what happens but there were no plans to have him in a relationship again, at least not right away. {Owen needs a kid. There I said it.}
  • Grey’s is really going to have to redefine itself with Cristina gone because it’s been a love letter between Cristina and Mer for the last ten seasons but I have total faith in Shonda. {At least Cristina isn’t dead}

At 9/8c will be Scandal which is starting season 4. Scandal had been on my list forever and I finally got around to starting in time for the midseason premiere of season 3. When I started watching I got Fitz and Olivia were the scandal but I was dead wrong; every episode had it’s own scandal.

So, here’s what you need to know about Season 4:

  • We get a time jump, since season ended with Olivia and Jake on a plane to “stand in the sun” that’s probably a good thing. And from the newest promo it looks they did just that. Personally, I’m ready to her to get back to the White House and Fitz but I’m not Shonda. {“Vermont keeps getting further away’}
  • It’s Abby’s season which I’m super excited about because I love Abby but mainly because Darby Stanchfield (@darbysofficial) is the best live tweeter there is. {#SASSYABBY}
  • Everyone get has a clean slate in some weird way. {But Harrison is dead.}

Then at 10/9c Shonda’s new show: How to Get Away with Murder starring Viola Davis starts. I could not be more excited about this show. Viola plays Annalise Keating who is prominent lawyer and law professor, she and her band of students work on murder trial.

September 25th can’t get here fast enough.


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