Women Who Inspire Me on Instagram

This week’s list is from Instagram. These women are open, honest, and vulnerable over social media. I have mad respect for them and Lord has used them in my life. Some of them are shops that I love, too.

1. @itsjustemmy

Emmy is a mom of three who is hosts conference for families who struggle with infertility. She’ll fill your feed with pictures of her precious daughters and some encouragement from the Lord.

2. @katie_m_reid

She is an #fmfpartysnailmail friend. She’s encouraging and creative and she loves the Lord.

3. @allshewrotenotes

Maghon (Megan) is the precious owner of All She Wrote Notes. She lives in the triangle, I haven’t bought anything from her yet but I want to and I’d love to take a calligraphy class with her. She’s a bright and colorful person and I love following her adventures.

4. @2sisters_angie  This is the account for #FashionbyMayhem, who is an awesome five year old who makes paper dresses with her mom. I love seeing what she does.

5. @wallflowerdesignco


Amanda is the creative mind behind Wallflower Design Co. She has some awesome phone cases and cool prints. I love that she’s a Leslie Knope fan and I always love what she comes up with. 

 6. @lifelivedbeautifully

Gretchen loves Jesus big and I always love reading what she has to say. Her posts are fun, colorful, and full of God’s truth. 

7. @lindsey_reed

Lindsey runs an awesome shop that has become my go-to shop for baby gifts. I have ordered 3 of the most adorable baby blankets you’ve ever seen from her. Lindsey loves the Lord and has dubbed herself an over sharer but I appreciate how open and honest she is. If you like donuts, coffee, and Jesus then you’ll enjoy following her. 

 8. @theadoptshoppe/  @k8cl8n

One of goals is own an adopt shoppe necklace, I love Kate and all she does. But her stuff sells out so quick that it can be next to impossible to get something. Kate is an adoptive mom who loves to help others out. Enjoy all her awesome creativity and see how she loves Jesus. 

9. @trulyyoursdesignco 

 Truly Yours Design Co has some awesome stuff and does lots of maps. I ordered one from her recently and I’m in love. She’s a joy to follow and love seeing what she comes up with. 

10. @pen_and_paint 

Lindsey is the creative mind behind Pen and Paint. She’s from Albany and I  love supporting local people. If you know anything about me you know that I love Pen and Paint and if you’ve gotten a #fmfpartysnailmail letter from me it was Pen and Paint. Her colorful, creative posts always brighten up my feed. 

 11. @mrsrachwalker 

Rachel loves Jesus and is someone who shares what the Lord is doing in her life without hesitation. She’s willing to put herself out there and it is such an encouragement.  

12. @megmcilvaine 

 Meg is an awesome photographer and goes on some cool adventures that I have so enjoyed following. 

13. @oakandoats

I followed Elizabeth because I found her blog. She is so fun to follow along with and I love her style. 

14. @rachelryle  

Rachel is an awesome animator and does some creative stuff. I love seeing what she is up to.  

15. @marine_parents  

April is super creative and loves Jesus. Her awesome journaling bible makes me want to turn mine into something like that but I know mine would not turn out near as well. I hope to order one of her super cute pouches soon. 

16. @madisonlynn35  

Madison is another blogger I follow and until a couple weeks ago she lived in North Carolina but she and her husband are moving out west. She loves Jesus and I always enjoy seeing her smiling face pop up on my feed.

17. @olivetreedesigns  

The Olive Tree Designs has super cute stuff and I love her necklaces and phone cases. I haven’t bought anything from her yet but it’s high on my list. 

18. @therusticorange  

I love the Rustic Orange. I have three things on my gallery wall from her. She’s creative and talented and I love following her. 

19. @kaitlyn_bouch

Kaitlyn could really be on my next list because we went to college together but since I’m not really sure we actually met while I was there, she’s going on this list. Kaitlyn is one that stared #fmfpartysnailmail which has been such an encouragement to me this year. She’s an incredible person and I know God has big things planned for her. She’s already made an impact on my spiritual life and I’m proud to say we have the same degree. 

20. @joyfulpapery

Emily loves Jesus big and is always trying to encourage her followers. I’ve bought a couple things from her and I can’t wait for my custom print to get here. 

I hope you enjoyed this list and will go follow some of these incredible women who are daily encouragement to me. Next week, I’m going tell you about 20 awesome women that I got say I went to college with so don’t miss that one. Plus, I’ve got special Birthday post coming your way on Thursday when I turn 24!




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