A Little Podcast Love

I have gotten really into podcasts lately which means that I have ones I listen to every week. I wanted to share some of them with you.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Serial because it was the one that started all this for me. I loved Season 1 of serial and listened to Season 2. (Yes, I have listened to S-Town.) Based on my love for Serial, one of my friends recommended Accused and In the Dark.


Accused is about the Murder of Elizabeth Andes in 1978 that took place in Ohio. If you like True Crime stuff, this is a good one for you and it’s only 9 episodes.


In the Dark is about the Jacob Wetterling Case that literally changed how sexual crimes are conducted in this country. It started early because the man who killed Jacob was arrested and charged. It is 10 episodes and it gets you thinking about how police handle major crimes.


That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs: Annie is one of my favorite people to follow and I want to meet her one day to share how the Lord has used her in my life.She is a writer and I’ve read all her books, which I would highly suggest. Her podcast is conversations with her friends and I love listening to it on Thursdays.

  • My Top 5 Favorite Episodes:
    • 2016 Christmas Party Episode 3: Ann Voskamp
    • Episode 27: Ellie Holcomb
    • Episode 22: Scott Sauls
    • Episode 23: Grayson|Reed
    • Episode 21: Eddie Kaufholz


The Popcast with Knox and Jamie has become my new favorite. Knox and Jamie always make me laugh. They are coming to Raleigh for a Live Show this summer and I’ve already bought my ticket and I can’t wait to see them in person. The Popcast is the highlight of my Wednesday.

  • My Top 5 Favorite Episodes:
    • 188: The Pop Culture Personality Types
    • 179: Dystopia in Pop Culture
    • 167: Fan-Fictioning Politics, Best and Worst Fictional and Fake Politicians
    • 186: All About Disney Princesses
    • 181: Midunderstood Songs and Misheard Lyrics


The Lazy Genius: When Knox and Jamie come to Raleigh in July their special guest is going to be Kendra from the Lazy Genius Collective so I figured I should probably listen to her since she will be a part of their show. It was a wonderful decision. I’ve only just started listening so I don’t have a top 5 yet but it’s all very practical.

A lot of the podcasts that are in my feed have to do with the TV shows I watch.


Afterbuzz TV is a wonderful thing, especially for someone like me who enjoys many shows. They discuss just about every show on Television. It’s really quite impressive. I listen to them for most of the shows I watch. My favorites are probably the CW Superhero Shows, it’s a lot of the same hosts and they are hilarious. They dissect the shows then give their predictions. A lot of times they will have special guests who are a part of the show come on which is really cool. If you’re a TV buff like I am, you should definitely check them out.


Then there is Shondaland Revealed, the official podcast of Shondaland which is done by Shonda Rhimes’ right-hand woman, Betsy Beers. Bi-weekly, she interviews one of the cast members and asks them fan questions. It’s a lot of fun.


The Flash and Friends: ScreenJunkies Guide to DC’s Arrowverse is a deep dive into the CW Superhero shows. It’s a podcast but it’s also a live show on ScreenJunkies.com. I prefer to watch it and I’m currently working up the nerve to call in but if I ever miss it it’s good to know that I can listen afterward.


Speaking of deep dives, EW’s Binge is perfect if that’s what you’re into. Season 1 was Harry Potter where they went through all eight movies, Fantastic Beasts, and Cursed Child. Season 2 was Friday Night Lights. It’s cool because they talk to people who were involved and you get to hear their stories.


[MARKED] is the Lifeway Women’s Podcast where Mary Margaret Collingsworth interviews different people about the things that have marked them in their lives. It’s not very consistent but it’s very encouraging.

  • My Top 5 Favorite Episodes:
    • Jamie Golden
    • Gretchen Saffles
    • Kelly Minter
    • Nate Akin
    • Megan Alexander


The New Activist is a podcast done by IJM (International Justice Mission) about people who are doing big things to help people who need it. I have loved learning about different people and organizations that are working to end injustice. There are some brave people are doing some really amazing things around the world. Season 2 launched last week so don’t miss out!

  • My Top 5 Favorite Episodes
    • 012 and 013: Jeremy Courtney
    • 011: Lu Cille Dejito
    • 003: Sara Groves
    • 010: Jimmy Quach
    • 005: Leroy Barbe

What podcasts are you listening to that I should be listening to too? And if you don’t listen, I suggest you start. There is so much good content out there!



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