{Fun} June Favorites


These are some of my favorite things right now and you’ll be able to find them all month long on the Fun Page! I’ll be doing a monthly post and changing them up so I wanted them all to be on the blog for you to find easier.

Marine Parents‘ Pouches. I’m obsessed, I want them all, I’m like an adversitement in my purse. My favorite is my ruffle dori which holds all my notebooks.

May Designs‘ Notebooks. I love them, they fit in my ruffle dori and I use them to food track, take sermon notes, write, and so much more. (Bonus: my favorite inside is the colorful hexagons)

Kaitlyn Bouchillon’s Blog is one of my favorites. I went to college with Kaitlyn and she is a great writer with fun community.

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. I just love them, I currently get to listen to them three times a week because of Bachelorette recaps, Wednesday episode, and the news conversations. I’m so excited for the Live Show in July.

Annie F. Down’s InstaStories. Annie is my favorite, I want to meet her so we can be best friends but for now I’ll just settle for InstaStories and the podcast.

More Favorites coming in July!



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