Oxford Adventures 2016: An Intro


A year ago, I was walking around England hanging out with a bunch of people I had just met because I signed up for a trip with SEBTS to go to England and Scotland—even though I didn’t know anyone who was going.

I loved everything about the trip from the people I met to the things I learned to the places I got to go. I wasn’t blogging last summer because I was busy with school and actually enjoying my summer so I’m going to blog about it now.

This is just a little taste and the reason that I went on the trip in the first place. I will be blogging about the trip for the next couple weeks, so don’t miss out. I hope you enjoy!


SEBTS does the Oxford Study Tour pretty much every summer; my first summer up here, I considered going with one of my friends but I got a job and didn’t feel like I could ask for almost three weeks off upfront so we didn’t go. Fast forward two years and I’m sitting in a two week long Jan-Term class with Dr. Eccher who keeps talking about this Oxford trip and all I think is “I have to go”. I called my mom, asked at work, and signed up 16 day trip to England and Scotland.

I was so excited, I did a Jan-Term in London in college and fell in love, I knew I had to get back and this was my last shot. I was going, it didn’t matter if I didn’t anyone which I didn’t. Listen, when you fly to Cape Town, South Africa by yourself for six weeks and literally know no one; two weeks with a bunch of seminary people who love Jesus is nothing. I figured I would make at least one friend and I made plenty, granted most of them live in Dallas but still. I took a philosophy class, a preaching class, and got to hear from some really smart men about important people in the Christian faith.


We also had a lot of fun, I was reminded that boys never really grow up because the professors were constantly ragging on each other. I got teased that I wouldn’t really be done in December—Joke’s on you, Boys, I got my Masters and I’m done with school FOREVER. I had plenty of girl talk with Annie and got to explore some beautiful places.

Going on the Oxford Study Tour was one of the highlights of my seminary career and I made one of my best friends during this season, even if she lives in Dallas I haven’t seen her since dinner at the University of Edinbourgh, the night before we left (Happy Friend-aversary, Annie!).


I’m excited to take you on this journey with me as I reflect on my time in England and Scotland last summer. I hope to teach you some of the things I learned, explain what God did in my heart, and show you the places I visited.

Don’t miss part one coming on Monday!



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