A Little Bit About Me

I promise, I will get back to the Oxford trip but I’m going on vacation with my family next week so I’m going take a week off and I will back with the Oxford trip after that. Today I wanted to introduce myself a little bit to tell you about who I am and why I’m blogging because I haven’t really done that in while.


My name is Ruth Anne and I live in North Carolina but I’m from the deep south of Georgia. I am about as Southern and girly as they come, I will monogram anything and pink really is my signature color.

My name is a family name which I love, but I also love knowing what names mean. Ruth means friendship and Anne means gracious and merciful. My name literally means Gracious and Merciful Friendship and there not a better way to describe myself. My entire life is relationships, that’s how I think about everything and the movitation behind why I do what I do.

I have been diving fully into the enneagram lately and have been learning a lot not only about myself but about the other people in my life. I am a Type 2 which means that I am helper who senses the needs of everyone around me and feels what they are feeling so I have a hard time expressing my own needs and my feel my own feelings. My conversations with my roommates have been really interesting as we get to know how each other’s personalities and how to better care for each other. All of it goes back to friendship, which so defines my life.

I am a writer, I write everyday. It might only be five minutes or a couple sentences but I write something everyday. I love middle school and high school girls, I have been working with middle school girl since I was one. I have Master’s degree in youth ministry because I want to spend the rest of my life ministering to girls and helping them grow in the Lord. I have been blogging since early college about my life and my experience.

However, when I re-launched the blog, I decided to focus on Faith, Friendship, and Fun because they are most important things in my life. This is from about me page or My Shoes: I hope you will join me as I adventure through life in my Chacos learning how to grow in my faith in Jesus Christ, deal with friendship, and have lots of fun. My faith is the most important thing in my life and God is always teaching me new things that I want to share with you. My friends are my life and I have worked really hard to build the community I have now and I want you to have the same thing, I hope this will be a place of community for you. I love to have fun and want to share that with you as well so pull up a chair, pour your favorite drink, and join in on the fun!

I hope you feel like you know me a little better and understand why I’m blogging. I’ll back in a little over a week with an Oxford Post, until then I’ll be enjoying the Popcast Live! and the beach.



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