Oxford Adventure 2016: Scotland

Our adventure to Scotland began with a long bus ride, that included a stop in the beautiful lake district for lunch.


Our first night in Edinburgh, I got lost walking into the city centre with a couple guys but it was fun.

We spent a day perfect day in St. Andrews, Dr. George in three and half years that he lived there, he had five days like the one we had. It was a cool city to get to explore and I loved getting to see the ruins. I even got to spend some writing in the sunshine. The first set of pictures are from the Castle and Cathedral.


Me in front of the 18th Green at the Old Course

That night, Dr. Grace preached an incredible sermon on the side of the mountation about how to love. It also be the opportunity to get to take pictures with the friends I had made. David and Vickie were like Mom and Dad and I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with them. Courtney has a such a heart for missions and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her. Cole and Christin were so much fun to get to know and I’m thankful for all the work Cole did for the trip. Allister lives in England where his family are church planters so it was neat to get to hear about his experience.

The last day of the trip was spent in Edinburgh. It was typical rainy Scotland morning when we headed out to the Castle. One of the must-sees on my list was the Elephant House where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and I got walk in which awesome.

That night we had closing ceremony of sorts and I was reminded once again that boys never grow up, being around professors who were constantly ragging on each other for two weeks will teach you that.


This is whole group in front of the British Musuem. I’m so thankful that I got to go on this trip. It was the highlight of my seminary career; I made so many friendships and learned so much. England will always hold a special place in my heart and this trip solidified it.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my Oxford trip, I’ll be back next week with more.



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