To the Girl headed off to College

To the girl who headed off to college: Breathe deep Relax Take everything in Time flies in college, freshmen year goes by in a flash and it only gets faster. Whenever you meet someone new, the first two questions out of your mouth will be: 1) “What’s your major?” and 2) “Where are you from?” … Continue reading To the Girl headed off to College

The Last Shiloh

In a few hours, members of the Samford community will gather in Reid Chapel for the last Shiloh ever. It makes me sad in way but so excited in others to see what God is going to do. I wish with my whole heart that I could be there, but seeing as I am nine … Continue reading The Last Shiloh

This was read to start Shiloh last night. INCREDIBLE. Just wanted to share

The Scribe

I just wanted one little taste
Maybe it was the logic of the beast that led to my haste
As I stared at the fruit it just looked so good
Like wanting it so badly was something I should
In the few small moments where I made that choice
I could here faintly behind me my creator’s voice
You are not to eat of this one single tree
Why I thought, what is he keeping from me?
My decision was driven by simple curiosity
But the fruit left my lips, my eyes opened and I could see
Immediately I felt guilty, naked, dirty.
I had been deceived

I just wanted to see her happy
When she came to me asking
Will you eat this too
I knew exactly what I was told to do
But the guilt in her eyes I could hardly bear
Pain, self loathing, a hint of…

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