Summer Project Week 4

So, this week started out a little crazy because Stanley was gone and Phathiswa was at a workshop. So we got shifted around and I worked in Capricorn Monday, which was a new experience. I enjoyed it but I missed my overcome babies like crazy. Tuesday was back to normal and we did what we did in Capricorn in Overcome, which was nice. We talked about Joshua and Hannah and how they PERSEVERED BY FAITH. I told the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho and the kids made paper trumpets. They were a little rowdy but still fun. It was a great last week of holiday club.

This week was sad because it was Sam and Ilana’s last week. Ilana was in Capricorn Monday and Tuesday and there were some tears shed. We celebrated with with a Braai (which is kinda like a BBQ) and had a blast, we even made s’mores! Ilana and Sam got their gifts and several people said fun things about them.

We went to an awesome cooking class in this ladies’ house and learned to cook some Colored South African Food. We all loved it and enjoyed getting to talk to her and her daughters about their lives and her cooking classes.

Saturday, we tried for Table Mountain but were unable to go because of rain but we went to the Old Biscuit Mill, which is big shopping tourist area where as Danielle puts it “All the pretty white people go”. We loved it. We spent way too long at the Waterfront before heading to the Rugby game. That was interesting experience and I had absolutely no idea what was going on but I enjoyed anyway and the Stormers (the team we were cheering for) won so that was great!

Sunday, we went to church in Red Hill as one of the LSE’s churches and he preached an incredible sermon on 2 Kings 6:1-7:

“The company of the prophets said to Elisha, “Look, the place where we meet with you is too small for us. Let us go to the Jordan, where each of us can get a pole; and let us build a place there for us to meet.” And he said, “Go.” Then one of them said, “Won’t you please come with your servants?” “I will,” Elisha replied. And he went with them.They went to the Jordan and began to cut down trees. As one of them was cutting down a tree, the iron axhead fell into the water. “Oh no, my lord!” he cried out. “It was borrowed!” The man of God asked, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float. “Lift it out,” he said. Then the man reached out his hand and took it.”

He compared the passage to us losing our effectiveness for the Lord, it was powerful.

Sunday afternoon, we tried for Table Mountain AGAIN but it was windy. So we went to Hout Bay, saw seals, and had fish & chips. We stopped at Chapman’s Peak and took pictures before heading back to the house for a chill evening.

The Lord really spoke to me through Pastor Kennedy’s sermon and how I can be more effective for Him.

It was great week and this week has been too. I’m going to try and get one more post done before we leave for Garden Route Saturday morning but no promises. If not, I’ll blog about the last two weeks when I get home. I can’t believe it’s so soon!

Enjoy this weeks pictures 🙂


3 thoughts on “Summer Project Week 4

  1. judy brown says:

    Ruth Anne, Thank you for the blog and all of the pictures. Through you I am enjoying your trip. I can see you are having a great time. Be safe . love you


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