My Gallery Wall

I have a gallery wall in my room and it is something that I have worked really hard on and I’m very proud of it. It just makes me happy every time I look at it. It is a collection of places I have been and things the Lord has taught me. It has been through a few different stages and three different rooms (because I’ve moved twice since I got it up originally). But this what is looks like in my room at this moment and I wanted to break it down for you!


fullsizeoutput_2f401. Square Dream Big: Dream is my word and a big part of my life. This one was gift from one of my really good friend’s mom when I graduated from college. It’s simple but I love it.

fullsizeoutput_2f452. Oil Painting from Mykonos, Greece: One of my favorite places I have been is Mykonos which is one of the Greek Isles and it’s beautiful. I picked up this oil painting while we were there.

fullsizeoutput_2f4a3. Bath, England Print: Last Summer I got to go England and Scotland with SEBTS and I picked up this beautiful square in Bath.

fullsizeoutput_2f5e4. How Deep the Father’s Love Print from my friend Rachel when she had an Etsy shop: When my parents got divorced a couple years ago, God really used this song to speak straight into my broken heart and remind me everything was going to be okay. So when Rachel opened her Etsy Shop and this was in there, I knew I had to get it.

fullsizeoutput_2f5a5. Jeremiah 29:11 Painting by Gracie: This was graduation present from of the girls in my Sunday School class that I taught for two years.

fullsizeoutput_2f566. 5×5 String Art from Strings by Samantha: Orginally, I needed something small to complete the wall so I ordered these from Samantha. They are so simple and I love them, one is a heart and the other is an anchor to remind me that my Hope is anchored in Christ.

fullsizeoutput_2f557. South Africa Map by Truly Yours Design Co: I spent the summer before I moved in North Carolina in South Africa so when I found a South Africa map in Abby’s collection I couldn’t pass it up.

fullsizeoutput_2f4d8. “What She Tackles She Conquers” Print from Leslee: this my graduation from my best friend up here and it’s a reminder that I worked hard to get my Master’s so I need to continue to work hard in every other area in my life.

fullsizeoutput_2f639. Pink R: I was exploring a cool area of Raleigh with friends and found this giant pink R with some gold on it. It was too perfect for me to pass up.

fullsizeoutput_2f6810. England Map by Truly Yours Design Co: When I got home last summer, I texted Abby to ask if she had England Map because I wanted one to celebrate my trip. Luke 8:48 was preached on my one of the professors. It was really powerful for me so that’s why I chose that verse.

fullsizeoutput_2f6e11. Proverbs 31:25 Canvas by Cara: This was gift from my good friend Cara to remind me to keep pursuing a healthy lifestyle that would honor the Lord.

DSC_022012. Hoops by the Rustic Orange: Oceans is a song that the Lord really used in my walk with him so when I found this hoop on Etsy I couldn’t pass it up but I needed another one to go with it so I custom ordered the “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” hoop as a nod to my love of traveling. (Unfornately, Anne is not making products right now)

fullsizeoutput_2f7313. “Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder” painting by Bethany: This was gift from my super talented bestie because she loves me and knows me so well.

fullsizeoutput_2f7814. Scatter Kindness Board: In November, I spent a weekend with one of my best friends and we went to an Arts and Crafts show where I found this board and fell in love.

fullsizeoutput_2f8d15. Grace Laced Philippians 4:13 Print: This was my graduation present from Rachel and it’s gorgeous like all of Graced Laced’s stuff (if you don’t follow @gracelaced on Instagram you’re missing out!)

fullsizeoutput_2f8816. “Do What Pleases God” custom print by Joyful Papery: I was reading Max Lucado’s You’ll Get Through This and this quote stuck out to me so I asked Emily for a custom print and it turned out wonderful.

fullsizeoutput_2f8517. “Dream Big, Be Grateful, Give Love” canvas from Lacy: this was part of a birthday present from Lacy and it shows just how well she knows me.

fullsizeoutput_2f8018. “Never Let go of your Dreams” Canvas by the Rustic Orange: Like I said, Dream is my word and this one is great reminder for me to keep going when comes to editing my novel and blogging.

fullsizeoutput_2f7f19. “But First Love” Print from Morning Star Foundation’s Love Project: my friend Meredith works for Morning Star in China and this print (along with all the other ones in the shop) goes to help children with Heart Defects. 1 John 5:19 is the theme verse for the event that I planned that got me thinking about going to seminary in the first place.

fullsizeoutput_2f7a20. Grace Laced 1 Peter Print: My word for 2017 is Grace and my word for 2016 was Hope and this verse has both of them in it, so, Rachel gave me this one too. 

I also have several fun things in my room that I wanted to share that have been part of the Gallery Wall before!


DSC_0225Above my bed is a big map from Truly Yours Design Co mounted on foam board with pins in the places I have been.

I have the three states I have lived in: Georgia with a heart over Albany, a North Carolina map from Truly Yours Design Co, and a Samford Alabama Watercolor that I’m in love with.

fullsizeoutput_2f92Over my bookshelf, I have my South African Sunset picture that I took which is one my favorites from the trip. Two dictionary page prints, one Gilmore Girls, “Inmonia Paratis” and the other Harry Potter, “Words are in Not-So-Humble Opinion our Most Inexhaustible Source of Magic” with Adopt Shoppe Cards in the middle.

fullsizeoutput_2f8eI have an entire Pen and Paint collage because I have much of her stuff. The round cards are more Adopt Shoppe Cards.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my room. Check out some of the Etsy shops and buy something for yourself and support women who are running small or side businesses or some of the other blog posts I have written! 




3 thoughts on “My Gallery Wall

  1. Juanita says:

    Wow, I just adore this, such beautiful, meaningful art pieces. I hope to have my own gallery space to fill with art when I have my own space to do so. I live in a shared housing and my room has very limited wall space (but lots of windows so that’s something to be grateful for!


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