Chasing Your Dreams


I have mentioned on here before that my word is dream (if you’re interested in learning more, I did a post about it a while back and you can check it out here) I consider myself a dreamer, I have big things that I want to do. I love quotes with dream in them, in fact I have a whole pinterest board devoted to them.

So, let’s talk about what it means to chase those dreams.

If you could do anything and money were object, what would you do? What is the one thing you want most in the world?

I would write and hang out with middle and high school girls which is what I feel like the Lord has called me to do. I want to be a published fiction author so bad I can taste it. I have a friend professionally editing my novel which gets me one step closer to that dream. 

I have wanted to be an author since I was in tenth grade but interestingly enough, when I went through SLU (Student Leadership University) and did the dream session I wrote that I wanted to publish a book. God put that dream in my heart before writing was really a part of my life.

Ten years, I’ve been working on this dream for ten years which is crazy when I stop and think about it, mainly because it seems weird that could have been working on anything for ten years and actually mean it.  So, how have been working on the same dream for ten years?


I’ve been persistent. I’ve allowed the dream to grow and blossom into something that only God can do. I have kept working towards that dream in small bite sized chunks because sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about the big picture or end goal. 

I haven’t allowed anyone to diminish my dreams. There have been plenty of people who have criticized my dream or made fun of me. There is a Facebook post from when I was in high school that makes my heart hurt everytime I read it that simply says: “RuthAnne Crews is writing…I know, I’m weird.” There is so much I would say to that girl but mainly, “Keep writing, Girl, it will become your biggest dream.” I have chosen to keep going and to not listen to the people who are discouraging but the ones that are encouraging.

I do something everyday to work towards my dream. I write something everyday, even if it’s only a sentence, it’s still writing. It’s something that is easy to do because I always have a story running through my head. If I’m writing then I’m working towards my dream.

I don’t ever give up. Some days, the idea of having a published novel feels really far away but it’s the number one goal I have in life so I keep working, keep editing and keep writing new stories. Because someday, I will hold a book in my hand that has my name on it and all my hard work will available for the world to read.


What can you do to chase your dreams?

  1. Be Persistent.
  2. Don’t EVER Let Anyone Diminish Your Dreams.
  3. Do Something Everyday to Achieve Your Dreams.
  4. Never Give Up.

So, Dream Big. Dream Bigger than You Think You Should Becausetumblr_mtfiybq5ns1qb47plo1_500

Dream Big, Little One. You never know what the Lord has in store. What are you going to do TODAY to start working on your dreams?



One thought on “Chasing Your Dreams

  1. Sue Loiselle says:

    Ruthie, I look forward to that day, too, when I’m holding your book in my hand, and buying one for everybody I know!! I’m so proud of you, and I know it’s gonna happen!
    I LOVE ❤️ your posts!! So beautifully written–keep ‘me coming, Sweetpea!!💖💖


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