Summer Project Week 1

I can’t believe I’ve already been here a week. It has shown by and I’m so incredibly thankful to be here, it absolutely beautiful and I’m loving my team. We are getting along wonderfully and have all sufficiently warmed up to each other.

Our first couple of days were sight seeing in this incredible city that I’m loving more and more everyday. Once our team was complete, we began orientation. It was a fun a couple of days.

I am floored with Living Hope and all that they have going on here in Cape Town. I’m in love with this organization and all that they are doing to help things here in SA. I’m working under the Living Right umbrella, I’m working with kids and teens in Capricorn and Overcome and working with the Life Skill Educators. But some of the other aspects of Living Hope include: Living Grace, Living Way, and Living Care.

We got to be a part of Kids Club in the afternoon this week in both Capricorn and Overcome. It was a blast and the kids were awesome at both. I love the LSEs in Cap-O (as Capricorn and Overcome are called here), they are awesome and love to have a good time.

Friday, the team that is helping in Cap-O this week got here and the best part is that it’s Brookwood Baptist and my friend KT is here with them! 🙂

I can’t wait to Holiday Club tomorrow 🙂 Enjoy my pictures of this beautiful city!


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