Women Who Inspire Me that I went to College With

I got to go to college with some awesome people who are doing BIG things and are pretty awesome. Forever, I’ll get to say, “Yeah, I went to college with her” and I love that about all of these incredible women that I called friends at one point in time. So, here is my list and for the record, which is one of those lists that could be 100 people long but I limited myself to 20 and they are no particular order.

1. Meredith Toering

Meredith is an incredible human being who is China working with kids who have CHD like her sister. She posts the cutest pictures and has the craziest stories but God is using her in some BIG ways.

2. Mary London Carswell

Mary London has worked with organization in Kenya and is constantly pursuing what the Lord would have for her. She’s special person and the love of Christ is easily seen in her.

3. Lauren Starnes

Lauren can sing but she never wants to draw attention to herself, she is humble and loves the Lord deeply. I can’t wait to see what all Lord has planned for her.

4. Laren Wimberly

Laren did the World Race last year and it was incredible to follow her journey. She and her husband, Trey are getting ready to be missionaries in Honduras. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does through them.

5. Hilliary Hallman

 Hilliary has heart for Haiti and does incredible work with Life is Hope. She’s doing big things, I love following her journey.

6. Sarah Waller

Sarah is super creative and extremely talented, I always love seeing what she comes up with.

7. Rachel Freeny

Rachel is a seminary student like me and is freelance writer. I have enjoyed following along with her because we are some of the places in life.

8. Jules Huff

Jules is light and she just graduated from Samford. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her.

9. Rachel Gregory

Rachel is a journeyman in Madagascar and I’m so proud to call her my friend. She’s a ray of sunshine and I know she’s lighting up those kids lives.

10. Leslie Ackerson

 Leslie is reporter for the NBC affiliate in Knoxville and I know she’s going to go far.

11. Laura Carlisle

Laura is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and God’s doing some big things in her. She’s a nurse and got to spend a few weeks in Egypt a couple months ago.

12. Kelsey Reed


Kels has her RN and FNP from Samford and is getting her doctorate in Nursing from Samford, she will the first person to graduate with all three degrees. She’s an awesome nurse and someone that I’m proud to say I know and call friend.

13. Jackie Long

Jackie Long

Jackie loves Samford and working with kids and she’s involved in so much. She’s doing some cool things and I can’t wait to see how things continue to unfold for her.

14. Samantha Nelson


Sam is senior Journalism major at Samford who’s an incredible photographer. She’s going to do some awesome things.

15. Hannah Asters

UM Gala. Hannah.

Hannah is genuine person who has a heart for teaching. I know she and Ethan are going to big things for the kingdom.

16. Melissa DenningLittle

Melissa is pursuing her dream and starting grad school for speech pathology in fall. I can’t wait to see how continues to use her and Daniel in the years to come.

17. Morgan Gillespie


Morgan is recent Samford grad with a degree in Art, she’s very talented and has huge heart. I can’t wait to see how God uses her.

18. Katherine Thomas


KT is going to Uganda in a few months to serve the Lord and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses her and what He does in her.

19. Kadie Haase

Kadie has a heart for missions like few I’ve seen and loves Jesus big. She’s doing some cool things and I know she will continue to.

20. Katy Flinn

 Katy loves life and is always up for an adventure, she’s in grad school at Baylor. I have this feeling that’s going to end up back at Samford and do big things there.

*just a little note: some of these I don’t have pictures with or they are from Step Sing so someone looks a little crazy so I just stole a photo off their facebook.

I’ll back next week with another list so stay tuned!



One thought on “Women Who Inspire Me that I went to College With

  1. Sue Loiselle says:

    I love this! I know God has big things coming up for you too! He will meet all your needs as you keep on trusting Him! I love you💗💗💗

    Sue Sent from my iPhone



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