Something you may not know about me…

This post actually stemmed from a conversation I had with one of my friends at Step Sing tonight and it's one of those things that I tell people but I don't at the same time and I don't think people actually realize that I'm serious. The WHOLE reason I was Journalism major when I came … Continue reading Something you may not know about me…


This was read to start Shiloh last night. INCREDIBLE. Just wanted to share

The Scribe

I just wanted one little taste
Maybe it was the logic of the beast that led to my haste
As I stared at the fruit it just looked so good
Like wanting it so badly was something I should
In the few small moments where I made that choice
I could here faintly behind me my creator’s voice
You are not to eat of this one single tree
Why I thought, what is he keeping from me?
My decision was driven by simple curiosity
But the fruit left my lips, my eyes opened and I could see
Immediately I felt guilty, naked, dirty.
I had been deceived

I just wanted to see her happy
When she came to me asking
Will you eat this too
I knew exactly what I was told to do
But the guilt in her eyes I could hardly bear
Pain, self loathing, a hint of…

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